Friday, July 4, 2008

New scramble for Africa

This is a very detailed assessment of the emerging biofuel industry in Africa. We risk making the same mistakes that have compounded the poverty situation in oil producing countries like Nigeria if we don't consider the issues raised here very seriously. I believe that there is need for some measure of domestication in most of our resource-induced industries in Africa.

The new scramble for Africa
Corporations and energy-hungry countries are pouring money into Africa for agrofuel crop production, fuelling a land rush reminiscent of Europe’s initial colonial expansion. Joining the foreign invasion are Africa’s governments and business elites. Pushed to the sidelines, some groups are speaking out about the devastation all this will cause to people’s livelihoods, but it is difficult to hear them over the clatter about Africa’s great opportunity to capitalise on the world’s energy and environmental crises.
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