Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bearded women: Are they normal?

Mariam                                                      (c)
 Growing up in a village many years ago, I used to hear all kinds of tales about women who grow mustache.  We were told that it's a sign that such women are wicked.  Others say it's a sign that the women were men in their previous world (belief in reincarnation is common in Africa, and certainly in where I come from).
I have since discovered that those are very unfounded beliefs and assumptions.  But what will make a woman grow mustache?  I tried finding out myself after reading the story of two women.  The first is 49 year-old German-born Mariam, a mother of a 28-year man.  The second is 37 year-old English woman, Siobhain Fletcher.
Responding to the question - What Causes Women to Grow Mustaches? - writes "there are several causes of a woman growing a mustache. The first could be related to an hormonal imbalance. Also, polycystic ovarian syndrome is another common cause of women growing mustaches."
Fletcher who hails from northern England, last November turned her medical condition into a positive by using her mustache to raise fund in support of prostate cancer patients.
Fletcher                                             (c)
Answering the same question in another article, Daily Mail notes: "It's estimated that one in ten women suffers from excess facial and body hair." Dr Rina Davison, an endocrinologist in London whom Mail interviewed, explained that "sometimes race or just a family tendency to be more hairy is to blame, rather than any medical problem".
"People of South Asian or Mediterranean descent tend to have more hair than Caucasians or those with black skin, for example. It's also possible to be quite a “hairy” family regardless of race," she added.
Writing in her blog, Mariam noted "my gynacologist, at that time, told me that I got more male hormons, at that time testosteron, than it is usual for women. A few years later the endocrinologist did not really have an explanation, and the testosteron was just average. The endocrinologist said it is a combination of inheritage and sensitivity of the skin to adrenal hormons. Some time later I found out that a lot of iranian and mediteranian women have more male hormons and as well facial and body hair, than average western women. As I am half Iranian, I guess the Iranian genes are responsible for the beard growth."
So when next you see a woman with some hairs on her chick, don't demonize her.  Women like Mariam and Fletcher by way possessed, neither are they wicked.  They are absolutely normal humans.  Many of them are often far more kind-hearted and loving than many others out there.  The choice is theirs whether to keep the bears or clear it as constantly it grows. I am not sure, I'd have the boldness to look the way they do.

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