Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston bombing: If it were Nigeria

The two suspects                    (c)
 You can't stop Nigerians from talking and yesterday's manhunt in Boston over the bombing on Monday has triggered a social media buzz.  Immediately after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the 19 year-old suspect was captured, Nigerians went loud on Facebook and twitter.  Almost immediately a new twitter hashtag emerged - #ifitwerenigeria (if it were Nigeria).
Dele Momodu, magazine publisher and columnist in ThisDay, a leading national newspaper, was the first high profile tweet that caught my attention.  "I believe America is seizing this chance to send a powerful message to the tough guys:  You monkey with us, we fix you! Incredible nation", he wrote.
"#IfItWereNigeria Some elders will be shielding the terrorists in their homes and be going to Abuja to negotiate for their amnesty"
Other tweets followed: "The American Police is too much, announced arrest simply on Twitter! the power of social media,"he tweeted.
                    SWAT team                                     (c)
"Finally, they got him. You don't mess up with America. I hope Nigeria can send same message to Boko Haram," Nancy Annan wrote in a Facebook posting.  "Boston terror suspect picked by the police after well co-ordinated manhunt. I hope President Jonathan is watching. You don't pet terrorists," wrote Funmi Macaulay, founder of Nigerians Unite Against Boko Haram in her own posting.
Despite the huge reactions on Facebook, the twitter hashtag #ifitwerenigeria offers the most diverse, insightful, and controversial views by Nigerians comparing US reaction to the Boston terror to the experience in Nigeria.
Tolu Ogunlesi, is a Lagos-based journalist and editor.  "The saddest thing about #ifitwerenigeria," he tweeted, "is that #itisAlwaysNigeria."  "#IfItWereNigeria Some elders will be shielding the terrorists in their homes and be going to Abuja to negotiate for their amnesty", tweeted Omoluabi, another contributor.
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we would grant the bombers amnesty...and pray for the dead

we would blame GEJ for the bombings, blame the athletes for running and even blame the government for the marathon race.
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the president would condemn the bombings and assure us of our safety. Two days later Another Bomb explosion occurs.

Kill an American citizen and 1million policemen will be searchin 4 u bt kill 1 million Nigerians,U wil b invited 4 amnesty

RT : Pls spare the Nigerian media, who will provide the diesel to run d generators for a round the clock man hunt?

"We will set up 5 committees to look into the remote & immediate cause of the bombing and prevent future occurrence."

The police patrol vehicles would probably have been converted into barriers for road block where egunje is freely collected

the police patrol vehicles will either not have petrol, functional radios or good tyres due to corruption"

RT : the whole operation would be credited to the Transformation Agenda of Mr President

the cops will have been waiting for instead of doing their jobs: apprehending the suspects.

The state governor, being an opposition figure, would have accused d federal government for politically motivated violence

station jails will be filled with innocent bystanders while the perps go scot free.

NTA would be interviewing only the Presidency and PDP affiliates over the bombings

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