Monday, April 2, 2012

In tech, a quest for more women

When I first met Adriana Gascoigne in 2006, she was managing public relations for an online-video company I had joined (that was not, unfortunately, the soon-to-be-acquired YouTube). She stood out from the crowd because of her overwhelmingly positive energy, multilingual phone conversations, and because she was one of just three women in the 25-person office.
That gender ratio, Gascoigne realized, was a problem — she wasn’t alone in making that observation, but, unlike many, she decided to do something about it. A few months later, Gascoigne launched Girls in Tech, a group that offers networking events, seminars, and mentoring programs that currently reach 10,000 members in 30 chapters across the globe.
Five years after beginning the venture, and one month after opening a chapter in Singapore, her new base of operations, Gascoigne took time to answer a few questions about the persistent issue of gender diversity in tech.
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