Friday, May 11, 2012

Juju 'science' in action in Kenya

It is called 'magun' in Yoruba language.  I don't know what the Hausa, Igbo, or Efik tribes call it.  Or what the Ewe, Ashanti or Fanti tribes of Ghana call it, but it is a phenomenon that is well known in different parts of Africa.  It is simply a situation where a lover puts some juju on his/her partner so that if she/he goes out to engage in sexual relationship with somebody else, she/he is stuck in the act. It is often the male partners that put them on their wives.
Magun is a spell that either kills the afflicted person’s sexual partner in a variety of nasty ways or the carrier herself. 
Three grisly consequences as detailed in the film are sudden post-coital death following a cock crowing, after a bout of somersaults and vomiting blood or by being unable to disengage from a partner after intercourse.
In case you are still thinking that this is a myth, here is a case that happened in Kenya yesterday.  Could this local 'science' be the answer to infidelity in marriages?

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