Monday, June 4, 2012

MIT develops new drug-delivery technology

If you avoid the doctor’s office because of a fear of needles, you may soon be short one excuse.  Scientists at MIT have developed the prototype of a needle-less injection mechanism.
The device uses a high-pressure stream to deliver drugs directly into tissue, eliminating the need for a needle. It features a computer interface that controls the volume and velocity of the drug as its being delivered.
The maximum velocity? The speed of sound.
It can also take a drug in the form of a powder, which it then vibrates, making the powder behave like a liquid prior to being injected into the skin. It also works in reverse, being able to inject and remove liquid from the body.
If you’re wondering whether the injection would be painful, Hunter says the device is comparable to being stung by a mosquito.

Courtesy: Emi Kolawole, Washington Post

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