Friday, July 27, 2012

A ray of hope for millions living with HIV/AIDS

Timothy Ray Brown, believed to be the only man to have been cured of AIDS, plans to join the search for a cure for others by founding an AIDS research foundation.
Timothy Ray Brown
“I am living proof there could be a cure for AIDS,” Mr. Brown told a press conference in Washington on Tuesday. “I am now choosing to dedicate my life, my body, and my story to finding a cure for AIDS.” Mr. Brown said he would partner with the World AIDS Institute to raise money for research into a cure.
Six years ago, Mr. Brown was HIV-positive. During treatment for leukaemia, he underwent a stem cell transplant in Berlin.
A few years later, doctors could no longer find HIV in his body.  Some doctors declared the “Berlin patient” cured. But they emphasised that Mr. Brown’s was a unique and complicated case, not immediately applicable to other patients.
They also surmised that the virus may still be present in his body, but in such small quantities that it is no longer detectable.
“I am the first, and I believe the first of many people who will be cured of the AIDS virus,” said Mr. Brown.
“There is undoubtedly a certain amount of scepticism, but that is the way science progresses.”

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