Monday, November 5, 2012

In online poll, China votes Romney as the world prefers Obama

Most of the world — 81 percent — would vote for Barack Obama, according to a new MSN poll, which surveyed 570,000 people in 36 countries.
But perhaps the most surprising result is that Romney might have an unlikely international ally: The People’s Republic of China. Fifty-two percent of the online readers polled by MSN there preferred the GOP candidate, even after he accused the country of being a nation of “cheats” and of stealing intellectual property.
In 34 of the 35 countries where MSN quizzed its online readers, the current US president won well over half of the votes. 
The results of MSN's survey poses something of a dilemma for Romney, who would not want to be seen as being popular in China. Throughout this year's presidential campaign Romney has tried to talk tough towards the country, accusing it of being a nation of "cheats" and of stealing "intellectual property".

He Wang, an MSN commentator based in China, said that she thought China had backed Romney because the Chinese are more able to relate to the businessman and called Obama “too idealistic.”
However, even in the Middle East, where American foreign policy is often criticized, Obama garnered 79 percent support in the poll.
And given Romney’s controversial trip to Europe, which Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson dubbed “gaffepalooza,” it is not shocking that Europeans overwhelmingly threw their support behind the incumbent Obama.
Another poll, released by market research agency YouGov, also found that Obama had an overwhelming advantage if Europeans were able to vote.
Jon Twyman, YouGov’s director of political and social research, said that while Americans may not care about how the rest of the world would vote, popularity abroad plays into every presidency.
“Obviously, both candidate’s top priority is to win over the American public, but every modern president must also show that they can be an effective operator in the international arena,” he said.

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