Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TED features innovation by 13-year-old Maasai herdsman

Local solution to local problem. That's perhaps the best way to describe the invention by Richard Turere, a 13 year old boy who as is customary in his community, watches over his father's animals.  He hated lions because they often devoured the livestock he is responsible for safe-guarding.
"I grew up hating lions very much," says Turere, who is from Kitengela, just south of the capital Nairobi. "They used to come at night and feed on our cattle when we were sleeping."
Richard thought of what to do to stop the lions.  His first experiment didn't work.  The lions always come in the dark at night to eat the livestocks.  One night he went out with a torch moving around, just checking on the animals.  He discovered that lions didn't come.  Why? They were scared of the light from  his torch.
That experience gave birth to an innovation that won him a scholarship to one of the best schools in Kenya and also an invite to TED 2013 conference in California.
His story is simply amazing
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