Sunday, September 22, 2013

6 US-based Islamists among Kenya mall attackers

Six US-based Islamists, two from Finland and one based in UK are among the jihadists that attacked Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya's capital city, according to a release reportedly by Al-Shabaab.

The venue of the attack is a popular shopping mall for middle class and upper class Kenyans as well as tourists and foreigners living in the East African country. Reports put the number of the dead so far at 68 with about 175 others wounded.

There are between 50 to 200 hostages and most of them are hiding in various places inside the mall, Fox News confirms. They are not all being held by the hostage-takers. There are between 10 to 15 militants currently inside the mall, with at least one being female, according to reports.

According to a release from the terrorist group, the attackers are aged between 20 and 27 and are drawn from eight countries, most of them in the west.  Here is the list:

Sayid N. from Kismayu, Somalia.

Zaki Jama C., from Hargeisa, Somalia

Said D., from Damascus, Syria

Mohamed B., from Aleppo, Syria

Qasim Said M., Garissa, Kenya

Ismail G., from Helsinki, Finland

Ahmed Nasir S., from London, UK

Mustafa N., from Kansas City, US

Abdishakur Sheikh H., from Maine, US

Abdifatah Osman K., from Minneapolis, US

Ahmad Mohamed I., from Saint Paul, US

Abdikarem Ali M., from Illinois, US

Shafie D., from Tucson, US

Eliko M., from Dagestan, Russia

Mohammed A., from Svalov, Sweden

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