Wednesday, February 5, 2014

South Africans not sold on in-car tech

A survey by Accenture indicates high interest in next-generation in-car technologies among drivers in emerging economies, which could help shape future demand for sales and provide the automotive industry with a sustained revenue stream.

However, across five major emerging markets, South Africans were the least likely car buyers to let their decision be influenced by in-car technology.

Accenture surveyed over 14 000 drivers in 12 countries, including South Africa, on their current use of in-vehicle technologies and expectations for future use.

Areas covered by the survey included navigation and traffic services; a range of autonomous driving aids; in-car services, including entertainment, work tools and learning; safety services; black box-type monitoring of a person's driving patterns that can help reduce insurance premiums; and a number of passenger-related services.

In-car technology is rapidly becoming a key car-purchasing criterion. Globally, drivers are twice as likely to choose a car based on in-vehicle technology options than its driving performance.

Source: Mail & Guardian
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