Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, Go with the Boko Haram madness

With only few hours to the end of 2011, my simple prayer for my country Nigeria is - Lord, let the passing year  pass with the Boko Haram madness.  This wanton disregard for the value of human life must not continue.  This insanity must stop; and stop it must if the entity called Nigeria must survive the doomsday predictions.  Boko Haram's operations in the last year have been nothing short of sheer insanity.
Victim of the latest Maiduguri bombing cries helplessly
We can't count how many families have been wiped out, maimed or rendered homeless by this aimless group in the last 12 months.  We can't count how many dreams were punctuated in 2011 by their bombings; the hopes that were shattered and the smiles that were turned into tears. In a country where unemployment remains very high, we can't count how many investors were sent packing as a result of Boko Haram.
You cannot build morals by taking away a man's independence.  Needless to say, many Nigerians - Christians and Muslims alike - are dissatisfied with the current state of things in the country.  Things look frustrating, depressing and seemingly hopeless.  In the name of religion, our nation continues on a piteous descent to the abyss.
When I was doing my last blog two days ago, I didn't know that another bomb will explode in Maiduguri in less than 10 hours to increase the death toll in just one week to more than 50 and the number of critically injured to over 70.  I wept when I saw the pictures of little children killed by the Boko Haram bombs; innocent children; children who represents our hopes and future as a nation.  For how long shall this continue.
'Act now Jonathan'
My dear reader, I am in one of those 'foul' moods, and please don't blame me if I spoil your very last day of the year.  But I cry for my country.  I try not to be angry, but I can't.  I weep for those killed children; I weep for their stolen youth, for their  mothers; and for a non-caring humanity.
I learnt many churches will not hold their traditional watch night vigil today for fear of Boko Haram bombs.  Many ordinary Nigerians who would usually host friends and siblings to parties will hide in their bed rooms tonight for fear of bombs.  For how long shall we live in this fear.
President Jonathan, Boko Haram must be stopped. Please act now.  For your information, those who sponsor the bombers are as guilty as the bombers.  They all live among us and might even be your party members or government appointees.

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