Saturday, December 24, 2011

NCC seizes Intercontinental Bank’s equipment, seals telecom operator’s office

Two officers of the bank were handed over to the police forfurther investigations over the source of their transmission as the bank has nooperational license to provide the service while radio equipment from the bankand the telecom company, IPNX, were seized by the officials of the Commissionled by Efosa Idehen, the Head of Enforcement of the Commission.
Head, Media and Public Relations of NCC, Reuben Muoka,said the enforcement action is in line with the Commission’s mandate andcommitment to ensure that the frequency spectrum is not abused. He said thefrequency spectrum is a finite resource of the country and that the companiesinvolved are denying the Federal Government of its source of revenues.

He said apart from sealing the offices and removing theequipments of culpable companies or institutions, they will also be liable topaying all the relevant fees for those frequencies for the duration they haveutilized them, in addition to paying the penalties associated with defaultingon the provisions of telecommunications regulatory statutes.
He said the Commission was able to detect the illegaloperators and users through its state-of-the art signal monitoring equipmentwhich it is deploying across the country to ensure that no company or organizationillegally operates or uses the licensable frequencies in the country.

Eugene Juwah, NCC boss
Head of Enforcement of NCC, Idehen said the enforcementaction which is coming few days after a similar one saw the sealing off of atelecom operator, Galaxy Wireless Ltd, also in Abuja, is to serve as deterrentto other illegal users or service providers on the licensable 5.4GHz spectrumband. He said the companies have been severally issued direct warnings andpublic notices to steer clear of using the licensable frequencies as declaredby the Commission.

He said the enforcement action provides the opportunity toreinforce the warning to all operators who may be using this frequencyillegally to desist from doing so because of the consequences.  He said the banks were particularly informedto steer clear of these frequencies as many of them were suspected to be usingthem at the moment but that the Commission is combing the entire country toensure that such illegal use are detected and appropriate sanctions meted tothe defaulters.
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