Saturday, December 24, 2011

I can’t tech it anymore!

Men who struggle with complicated Christmas gadgets are twice as likely to refuse help than women

Stubborn men are almost twice as likely as women to refuse help with their new Christmas gadgets.
They'll fume, swear and sulk rather than admit they can't understand basic operating instructions. Or they'll blame their new smartphone, iPad, games console or sat nav and say it doesn't work.
Women, on the other hand, are much happier to accept help, and are much more grateful for it, according to a study of more than 1,000 adults for Geek Squad, which has launched a 24-hour Christmas helpline.
Almost a third of men (28 per cent) would ask for assistance only as a last resort if they couldn't work out their new toy.
By contrast only 16 per cent of women said they'd refuse help.
The survey also revealed that more than a quarter of us (26 per cent) have our Christmas day spoiled by frustrations of struggling with complicated instruction manuals.
And one in five will lose their temper because they don't have batteries to get gadgets up and running.
Mothers struggle more than anyone in the family with getting to grips with new gadgets, with a quarter saying they're baffled by new technology.
But they're also the most likely to ask for help. Half say they're prepared to turn to a family member for assistance - unlike their male counterparts who are too embarrassed to ask for help.

Geek Squad agent Sam Lawton deals with dozens of technical queries every day, and says women are much more willing to call for help - and much more likely to say thank you.
'It's a bit like asking for directions when you're lost,' he said.
'Women are happy to admit they don't know where they are, but men are all sheepish.
'Men have a sense of pride and don't want to admit they can't work things out. In my experience they're much more likely than women to say that the product doesn't work.
'They'll go into a shop and say they want to return a product, and the truth is that they simply haven't understood how it works. They get a lot more frustrated than women.
'Women are much more likely to seek advice face to face, while men will text, or email, or use Facebook - anything to avoid a straightforward conversation.
'Men tend to sulk and say thank you grudgingly. Women will tell you how pleased they are that you've been able to help.'

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