Friday, January 17, 2014

Regent University joins the MOOCs wagon

Almost two years after Harvard University and MIT ventured into online education partnership called edX, more universities continue to embrace free online learning initiatives.  Does this mean the death of paid learning?  Certainly not.  Paid education will continue to be with us.  But online learning is helping democratize learning in a way that we've never seen before.
The latest school to join the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) wagon is Regent University, the Virginia-based Christian university.    Regent has launched a program known as Luxvera, which means light and truth.  The Christian online classes will feature lectures and teaching material provided by Regent and the American Center for Law and Justice.
How will these universities continue to earn and sustain while giving out their lectures free online?  That's certainly where innovation comes in.  Just like the mainstream media world - i.e newspapers, magazines, radio and television - the education sector across the world is being massively disrupted.  How often do you go to a physical library these days for research?  Many people now research via google, youtube and other online platforms.  This is our reality today and the old school days are gone for ever.

Congrats Regents for being 21 century compliant. Obviously, the future of online education is now. edX's goal is to education a billion people around the world.  With Regent and others joining MOOCs, perhaps thrice that number will have some kind of higher education in a matter of decades.
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