Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Google Glass sex apps leave the web feeling dirty

As if Google Glass wearers didn't love themselves enough already, news broke this week of a forthcoming app for Glass that lets owners of the wearable tech watch themselves having sex (or doing non-sex tasks) from alternative angles.
The Sex with Google Glass app relays imagery from other perspectives to Google Glass, letting sex-doing pairs of owners of the posh specs watch themselves as if they were the stars of their own reality TV show. Or, if they're using it in the bedroom, it could give the wearer a terrifying look at the grim faces and expressions a partner sees while they're fiddling and grinding away.

The arrival of the latest headline-grabbing Glass sex app spawned mass mockery online, with many commenters opting for the easy comedy angle of expressing surprise that Glass wearers might ever get any action at all, let alone with someone who consents to having it filmed.

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