Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wearable tech allows you to feel the book while you read

Reading a nice book could be very exciting; feeling a nice book could be even more exciting.
A team at MIT Media Lab is working to make this happen; i.e - help you feel the emotions of the characters you are reading.
Dubbed 'Sensory Fiction' the technology is a wearable book that enables you physically feel the characters' feelings in a work of fiction.
As the reading progresses, the book produces physical sensations to mimic the characters' emotions of joy, sadness, fear, and a host of others.  If the protagonist is scared, for example, air pressure bags in the wearable vest will constrict to make the reader’s chest feel tighter.
The technology is still being developed. ‘While the project explores new ways of reading with digital augmentations, this is not a product idea but rather an exploration in the context of science fiction stories,’ said researcher Felix Heibeck.

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